Monday, June 20, 2016

Apple Toner - For all your Printer ink and Toner Cartridge needs!

Hello everyone!!

So you must be wondering what do I want to blog about today? I usually talk about arts and crafts here but for today, I would like to talk about convenience for a change. Recently I found this really cool website called Apple Toner that specializes in tending to all your commercial printing needs. That means they sell household and office printing equipment like laser printers, printer cartridges, ink refills as well as repairs and maintenance services (in my case it was for the standard HP ink cartridges). They carry most of the mainstream brands so as long you don’t go all hipster or pick out some obscure brand, you’re good. It’s easy to find a compatible toner for your machine as long as you know what you’re looking for. A quick type on your printer brand and series and the site lists down all the things you’d need.

Apple Toner is a local company based off in Klang but offer nationwide delivery for all their products, even same-day services if you order before 12pm on a weekday. Like most others, I get a bit uneasy when purchasing certain types of products online, and these guys even addressed that issue by placing a 1-year warranty on all their items. So buy something from them and if it doesn’t work out the way you want it, then BAM!!! They’ll sort you right out! So I think that’s pretty cool.

There’s this one part though I thought was a considerate touch - they made a step-by-step walk-through on how to place an order with them. I think it may not seem like that a big a deal for most of us, but I can imagine quite a few beginners to online shopping would appreciate the gesture.

The above photo is a screenshot of the page where they teach you step by step on how to make the order. Like most e-tailers these days, they offer a variety of payment options which makes it super easy to deal with.

It seems they’ve got quite a fair amount of companies as well, tending to government and private companies alike. All in all I quite like what I see so far. Not too bad. I know where I’ll be getting my next refill of HP ink cartridges next time around. Ha! But do note that these guys offer compatible toner types only. NOT the original printer cartridges. But they do boast about its high quality and they’ve got a strong line of customers so that’s saying something. So do check out their FAQ to find out more about this.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Handmade hot glue gun holder

I'm so happy that I finally had the time to make my very own handmade hot glue gun holder yesterday using some double sided tape rolls and tissue rolls that I've kept for recycling purposes some time ago. I never throw them out ever since I found ways to recycle them.

You will be surprised to find out the things that you can do with tissue rolls and such especially if you search about them in the net. I for one prefer to use them to make functional things instead of decorative items for now. I can't remember exactly when I saw a tutorial on the hot glue gun holder but it was on Facebook. Ever since then, I wanted to make one so that it would be easy for me to use it. I needed a specific place for me to put it away after using it too. So it was high time I did this project.

Since the double sided tape rolls had prints on them, I decided to paint them to hide those prints. I am just so lazy to paint them but in this case I had to. The prints were too obvious. I just had to hide them. The red acrylic paint didn't manage to completely hide them so I covered it up with the bronze colour. Although it may not look that pretty, at least it served the purpose and got the job done. 

At first I thought it would be ok to just leave the hot glue gun holder on it's own. Then I thought it would be good to attach it to the second stationery holder I made. Yup, I have two of them now on my table! Haha! Secure it there so that it would look neat. After that I had another idea of attaching more tissue rolls on the same row as the hot glue gun holder. I needed places to hang some other items like the stapler, scissors etc. I wanted to fully utilize the stationery holder as much as I could.

Some might say I'm a bit frugal for doing this but believe you me, all I was thinking about was how to recycle and how to make work easy for me in future. I definitely have solved my problem by doing this. My pens, and other stuffs never get lost in my studio and are easily found because of this holders. My stationery items have their own place now. Loving it! 

Hope this will give you an idea to recycle your tissue rolls and such. At least it will help reduce the waste in our country. :)

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Camouflage themed pop up box sorry card


Well, what do we have here? A camouflage themed pop up box card! A first for me to do a theme that has military subject matters and my first Sorry card too! Obviously I've never had a request like this before from any of my customers. I was excited to give it a try. I designed this card early this month for my Malaysian customer who's fiance' is living in Canada. 

Since I didn't have any camouflage pattern papers to use as decorations on the card, I had do it from scratch. Her fiance' loves camouflage pattern a lot. So it's important to have them on the card. Luckily for me I was able to find the right colour papers for the pattern. I cut them up by hand just by using the scissors. It was crazy doing this! My hands hurt a lot in the process....huhuhu.....

I really enjoyed making the wedding couple silhouette. I've done wedding couples before but never done it this way. Silhouettes are actually pretty cool. I might use it more in future. Especially for wedding cards. It would be great addition to it.

I guess people might be wondering why the baby in the stroller? Well, it was her request....since they are planning on getting married soon......and that also explains why there is a wedding ring as well popping up in between the wedding couple.  

The wordings were hand written using the dip pen.....I'm still in the process of learning how to write with it. Some days it's good and some days it just doesn't seem right. But I'm working on it. It needs time.....needs a lot of practice and sometimes I just don't have the time for it.

Do check out the video below if you wish to see how the card pops up! Thanks! :)

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Special pop up box thank you card for Tan Sri Zeti

It has been almost a month since I made this huge card for Tan Sri Zeti. I didn't have the time to blog about it when it was done as I had other commitments to focus on at the time. Things had been so hectic the past month, I haven't much time to rest and unwind. It's always work work work everyday. I wish I have more time to blog as there are a few more cards that I have made this month but have yet to upload them here due to the time constraint.

I have to say that this project was the most complicated I had ever done not because of the complexity of the design but because I was not given enough time to get it done. It was quite a rush indeed and it was a miracle that I got it done and posted before the due date. The card design is very simple as Tan Sri Zeti is a very simple person, and she does not like a design that is over the top and full of fancy decorations. So I was not able to decorate it much like I always do for all my other handmade cards. I had to keep it simple for her. That was their special request from me. Keep it simple.

I'm not a graphic artist by profession, I'm just a small time crafter and it kinda took a lot from me to complete the job. I kept wondering why I was chosen for this project, and maybe someone else could probably do it better but then I found out that it was because they wanted someone who could make the pop up box card as they really were fond of it and would suit their request. They didn't want any other type of card for this project and was really excited about those pop ups that I could do for the card. Since I have been making a lot of those pop up box cards in the past, so they figured I was suitable for the job. Although I have never done any pop up box card as big as this one, I just had to give it a go! I never thought it was possible for me to do it and it was quite a challenge but I did it on my own! Alhamdulillah, I believed that Allah helped me along the way.

I am proud of myself that I got it done they way they wanted it. I did it to the best of my ability, but perhaps if there was more time given, the design would have been different, I'm sure. When it comes to handmade craft, it is important that I have enough time to get the thing done.. It's a slow process and needs a steady hand. Can't rush it. But not everyone understands that. Some might think that it's something easy to do. Well, it's not as easy as it looks.

I also had to do some drawings and hand cutting some logos as they were not available for me to print them. So I had to draw them from scratch and cut them by hand. This was a bit challenging but because I'm used to cutting designs by hand before, so I managed to do them.

If you can't imagine how big the card is, you can view it from the photo below or the video that I have embedded below. The height of the card is about as tall as an A4 paper and the width is about the same too. It's huge and not that easy to handle. After making this huge card, I realised how small my pop up box cards were before. They seemed so small can see the difference below...hehe!

One thing good that came out of this project is that now I am more confident of making bigger pop up box cards and believing that it is possible. Before this I never knew I could do it. I would have never done it on my own, thinking that it was too much for me to handle. Now I realised that I could if I set my mind to it. Of course there will be challenges along the way, but if I didn't try, I wouldn't have known my capabilities. I'm glad I did matter what. And I did it when I was sick too...that's why I said that Allah helped me along the I would never have been able to complete it without His help..... :).

At the end of the day, what's important is that Tan Sri Zeti loved the card so much as she has never seen anything like it before. She even asked them who made it.  I was happy to get the good news and that really really made my day and made it all worth the while. :)

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

DIY stationery holder

I think I've always been a very practical person. Not focusing too much about the esthetics of the things I buy, but more concerned about how the product will improve my life. I guess this has something to do with my Mom's teachings since small.

I also have the tendency of recycling things in the house that I find can still be of use to me. Why throw them away when they can still benefit me somehow. Some used products can't be recycled and are thrown away and some can be recycled and I will turn them into something useful and give them a new life.

Used toilet rolls for example. I have been thinking of how I could reuse them for months now. During Chinese New Year, an idea just hit me. I wanted to fill the box that I got when buying drinking water, with those toilet rolls and use them as stationery holders! I really needed one anyways since what I was using before could no longer hold all the important stationery items I use everyday. I wanted the important ones to be kept in one place and make it easy for me to find them.

Since the box I wanted to use is quite big, I would need a lot of toilet rolls to fill it up. So the collection began since CNY. I kept collecting them one by one until one day the whole box was filled up with the rolls. Since I am too lazy to decorate it with a lot of fancy decorations, I kept the decoration minimal. For me, what is most important is the function. 

The first thing I did after the collection of toilet rolls were complete, was to paint the box with white acrylic paint. Then I would glue all the toilet rolls together using a hot glue gun. Glue them one by one to the box. This way, they will stay put in the box and won't move around when I add my stationery items in them.

I then filled the rolls with all my stationery stuff. I was able to fit in all my pencils, pens, markers, rulers, glue, scissors, brushes and many more stuff in it. I was so happy they all fit in! But as you can see, it looks so simple and unfinished. I didn't even paint the toilet rolls. I don't have the time for it. I just kept it simple.

Then, I got another idea. Since the box is big, I thought of using the space outside it as a notice board!  So what I did was, I took an old Styrofoam sheet I had, cut it up to fit the size of the box and wrapped it up with a dark blue paper. Pasted it on the box and walla!!! I got myself a mini notice board that I can use to pin my To do List or pin other reminders.

I didn't stop there.....I continued with another idea, which is to paste on the other side of the box with magnets!! Yes, so if I wanted to use the other side of the box, I could use magnets to stick notes there too! 

I really love this idea and I hope this will inspire others to recycle the toilet rolls too. If you are not lazy like me, you would probably be more creative in decorating and painting the stationery holder. It would look pretty for your craft room! Remember to recycle those toilet rolls and keep them away from the junkyard. Make something pretty with them, and there are a lot more ideas to be found in the net that we can do with the toilet rolls. Have fun!!

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Soft purple and grey pop up hearts box card


When I first got this request, I thought to myself....hmmm have I ever done this colour combination before?? I thought I had never done it before.....then I remembered I had done it years ago. It was of course a totally different type of card though, but there sure was purple and silver involved!!

The only difference though is that, for this one, the purple has to be a soft pastel purple and I was a bit worried about that. I kept thinking if I could actually make it work! I didn't have a lot of soft purple pattern papers in my collection. So the choices were pretty limited. Same goes for silver or grey colour. Although with the limited choices that I had, I was determined to make it work! :)

There is a really easy trick to match certain pattern paper that does not match with the colours from the other pattern papers if you plan on using more than one type of paper for the card. All I did was simply add those sparkly plastic rhinestones to it or matching ribbons! Immediately it will give the paper something in common with the other. So now they match! Haha! 

At the back of each box card that I made will have a small area for you to write down your personal wishes. I made it simple with just straight lines all the way from the top to the bottom.

Brush lettering the sentiments again for this card and at this point I already started to feel tired of using the brush. It could be because my right hand still hurts. I think I spent at least an hour trying to write this sentiment and ruined so many pieces of paper in the process. I haven't bought a dip pen yet but will probably do so soon for the sake of my aching hand. Still haven't made up my mind on which type of dip pen I should get. Arrrgghh....decisions, decisions!

While I busy myself making up my mind, why don't you check out my video below of the box card I made. Have fun watching it! Thank you!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Red and Yellow Roses tri shutter birthday card


Red and yellow roses together! I don't think I've ever done that before! But I'm loving it now :). When I was requested to do this combination, I must admit I was little worried but once I found the right pattern paper to match the roses, I was able to figure out how to decorate the card with those colours.
These colours turned out looking really bright! I was able to tone it down just a little bit with the cream and dark green colours. This tri shutter card design is similar to the previous tri shutter card design I made before. The only difference is that I just change the colours and the sentiments. The one before was an anniversary card and I think I added less roses for that one. For this new one I figured out how to add more of it without disturbing any parts of the front design and photo frame. 

I had trouble deciding on how to add the sentiment on the front part of the card. The photo frame is big and there isn't much space to add any words without disturbing the photo frame. A decision had to be made and I decided that I would write the sentiments using the brush lettering technique coz then I'll be able to fit in those roses nicely on the photo frame. Unlike the previous design I made the sentiments by stamping the sentiments using clear stamps. They were big size fonts and would definitely not be able to fit all the words. So the brush lettering saved my day!

Here's how I wrote it using the smallest brush I had....

I'm having problems with my right hand now after a minor accident at home. It's a little bit challenging to write now as it hurts quite bad especially when writing with a brush. I definitely need to get me a better brush pen or calligraphy dip pen for writing sentiments as I love how the thin and thick lines form during the writing process. It's a little different than using a ball point pen where the lines are the same thickness. I'm a little over obsessed with the lines these days! haha! Who knew I would be? And it's all because of the brush lettering I've been doing the past few months that got me concerned about it. I think I would be for quite a long time! Haha!

Do check out the video I took of the card and see it in motion! Thank you!

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