Sunday, January 11, 2009

A gold wedding dress

W005 - red color paper (Limited Edition)

W005a - without ribbon (Limited Edition)
This is another version of the W005. It has no gold ribbon at the side of the card and I cut the all the four corners of the cards with the patterned scissors. I think I adore this new one more hehehe :)

W005 (Limited Edition)
I just love this one! So excited about this! I have made cards with paper doily before and it was a fun project......but I love this recent doily project better. Simply because I get to make wedding dresses with them hehehe! :D There isn't much going on the card.....just a simple cut out of the gold paper doily and I added a small 1/8" gold ribbon on the side......and I made patterns using my pattern scissors on the corners of the card.....just to make it a little fancy....and last but not least, I wrote at the side of the wedding dress "Happily Ever After" a simple wish for the bride to that she will live happily ever after with her hubby :).

This card is like a note card, so it's pretty cute and not too small and not too big.....suitable to be given together with a wedding gift for the bride :)
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Grace to You said...

This is so awesome!!! What a clever idea...and I love the colors - so striking and chic.

Azlina Abdul said...

I love this idea too...I have seen others doing it! So I gave it a try myself...different artist use different paper doily available at their place. So its just a matter of improvising and making it your own :)

miss chembeng said...

love this!may i know the quotation and is it possible to have it background in turqoise colour paired with white dress and ribbon?my e-mail is thanks so much!

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